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To inspire our community to cultivate the values of kind, compassionate, responsible, humane care of the county’s animals, including stray, feral, and owned, through both education and community based programs, and to prevent cruelty to animals, wherever we find it. 


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Does our vision represent your values?  Let us know! We believe everyone who is passionate about our work has a role to play...a special talent or gift they can lend to help make our vision of a kind, compassionate, responsible culture in our community a reality.


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Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 



Turning the page on calendar productions for pet welfare, Barry Brown Images has now produced a new 2020 issue of Pinups for Pets, this time to wholly benefit FOCCAS.  All photography and modeling have been done on a non-paid, volunteer status, so proceeds (expect printing) will benefit pet welfare through FOCCAS. 

Ever since the late 1800’s, pinup art (designed to be “pinned up” on the wall) has helped encourage military service people and promote public fund-raising in wartime (think Rosie the Riveter), decorate military aircraft as “nose art”, informally brighten the day for employees in the labor force, and sell products through hard-copy published advertising (think Kelly and Pro-Trac tires). In those first decades, the models were considered inspiring female patriots; and among the most famous were the “Gibson Girls.” Posters drawn by such artist as Elvgren, Olmstead and Vargas covered walls in recruiting offices, garages and barber shops. Transitioning to the 21st Century, we are happy to feature beloved rescue pets and attractive female and male models, as well, in our calendar to bring the fun of pinup art to all and benefit pet welfare at the same time. 

You may pre-order your calendars now in our online store. 

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