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Our Mission Statement


The promotion, support and fundraising for a resident and visitor friendly new shelter while meeting the needs of the current shelter; To inspire our community to cultivate the values of kind, compassionate, responsible, humane care and treatment of the county's animals, including stray, feral and owned, through both education and assistance. 


Our Vision

We have an opportunity to make a far-reaching, positive and lasting impact on the culture of animal welfare and the care and comfort of over 50,000 dogs, cats puppies, and kittens that will find themselves in our care over the next two decades. 

If we fail...We will fail so many.

As a society, we have evolved in our understanding of and compasson for the suffering of animals. We want to see this change we see all over the world thrive in our own community.


FOCCAS seeks to build a safe, comfortable, healthy and humane animal shelter that reflects the values of a kind, compassionate, responsible culture of animal welfare. Are these values that you share?  If so, there are many ways you can help us Build the Dream for thousands of the most vulnerable among us…those with no voice.

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03/05/2017  Rating: 5 

I have never met or worked with such a dedicated, compassionate, committed group spearheaded by amazing and very hard working individuals. These people put in a lot of time, effort going above and beyond anything I have seen trying to make a difference in our community!