Our Programs

Shelter Medical Fund



A percentage of donations and fundraising is put into a fund to help cover expensive surgeries, treatments, and everyday medications the shelter budget does not cover

Shelter Needs Fund



Funding is set aside to purchase frequently used items at the shelter, including pet food, kitty litter, and cleaning supplies. 

This fund is also used to meet bigger needs at the shelter such as purchasing heavy weight tarps for the outdoor kennels in winter, installing roofing over outdoor kennels, and a professional exterminator

FOCCAS 4 Felines


FOCCAS is sponsoring a special feline adoption promotion for the Cumberland County Animal Shelter. We will pay ½ of your adoption fee…that mean you pay only $25.00 to adopt a new furry best friend. CCAS is overrun with cats & kittens and we hope to help as many as possible find new homes. You will also receive a certificate for a Kitty Welcome Home Package which includes a free microchip and everything you will need to take your new feline friend home. This offer is being funded by our core members. No funds from donors is being used. If you can’t adopt a kitty but you’d like to help us in our adoption promotion campaign, you can donate specifically to this program. We would like to continue this promotion as long as funds allow. Your adoption fee covers first vaccines, de-wormer, and spay/neuter surgery (some additional charges will apply at the veterinary office when you pick up your kitty after their surgery)

Education Program


  Educating the next generations of pet owners is paramount in bringing about real and lasting change in animal welfare. FOCCAS recently purchased and donated a series of books for school-aged children that teach lessons about responsible pet guardianship and the sentient nature of animals. We are also providing "Buddy Benches" to every local elementary school that request one. We know from research that children wo are bullied are more likely to abuse animals. 

Distressed Animal Fund


This fund was established when we identified a continuing need for medical care of sick and injured stray cats and dogs picked up by concerned members of the public. In last 12 months we have funded the medical expenses for 8 dogs and 3 kittens. Two of the dogs required amputation. All, except one currently in foster care, have found loving homes, 

Breaking the Chains



Breaking the Chains is a new program to help low income families get their dogs off tethers. As we seek to create a kind, compassionate, responsible culture of animal welfare in our community, we are faced with innumerable dogs that spend their lives on the end of a chain. Condemnation of the owners is not the answer. We believe the answer lies in offering a solution. Many people would do better if they were offered an opportunity to do so. FOCCAS will offer free fencing, installed by our volunteers to low income families. Each situation will be considered on a case by case basis and, if possible, the individual or family will be expected to participate in the project; either by contributing to the cost or with sweat equity by helping with labor. 

This program will be expensive to run and will require many volunteers. If you’d like to help install fencing, please email us at foccas.tn@gmail.com . If you’d like to make a donation to support this program, just make a note on the memo line of your check and mail it to PO Box 3245, Crossville TN 38557.